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Reader comments are both welcomed and encouraged; however, I believe that Esoteric Renaissance should be a safe space that fosters the free communication of ideas and information without fear of abuse. To that end, this site makes use of comment filtering software as well as personal review by myself, as the site owner, to determine the relevance of comments made on this website.

The following types of comments shall not be allowed:

  • Advertising – Comments that are deemed to be general spam, commercial advertising, or blatant self-promotion shall be deleted. This does not mean you can’t include links to other sites or helpful products in your comments. What this means is comments that contain only advertising content with no relevance to the post will be denied.
  • Abusive Statements – The nature of discussion means we shall not always agree. Disagreement and debate are encouraged. However, comments containing verbal abuse of other commenters shall not be permitted. This includes but is not limited to: personal attacks, racist, sexist, or other defamatory/discriminatory statements, threats to persons or property, libel, slander.

Persons who engage in the behavior above will be banned from further commenting on this site.

Please use common courtesy and show respect for your fellow users. Rudeness or profanity alone will not result in automatic deletion of comments; however, repeated use over time may be grounds for a user being banned from further commenting on the site.

I reserve the right to full editorial control in editing or deleting comments as necessary and at my sole discretion. If you cannot abide by these rules, you are welcome to post your own commentary on your own website/blog/social media.

Changes to this policy may be made at any time without warning, effective immediately upon publishing of said updates.

The last updates to these policies were made 15 June 2018.

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