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…experiments in thought and art

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A Writer. An Artist. A Woman. A Witch. A Storyteller.

My first loves are information, writing, art, and music, all of which are liberally sprinkled throughout this journal. I find inspiration in the quotes, photos, and art of others, which I will often share.

I am not new to blogging or the web. I started back in ‘98 with GeoCities and cycled through EarthLink, LiveJournal, DeadJournal, InsaneJournal, Dreamwidth, Blogger, Expression Engine, WordPress, and Tumblr.

Kirasha is a persona I’ve been playing with in various forms from fiction to roleplay to online handles since the mid-90s. At one point, I tried renaming Kirasha to Ceitdubh, but that didn’t stick. Kirasha’s been with me for too long. In February of 2008, I finally created an account on Second Life®. I’d been looking at the site for months, trying to decide if I wanted to get involved there, and had recently learned some friends were members.

Thus, Kirasha Urqhart was cemented as my online persona.

In real life, I work as a Senior Technical Writer for a cloud services company in Los Angeles, CA. I keep the Kirasha name online because it’s what I’m best known by. But, you can also call me ‘JL’, which is what I sign off as in real life.

On this blog, I post crafting, art, writing, journaling, mixed media, nail art, planning, and spirituality.

I also blog at Wandering Path, which began as my Second Life blog and has evolved into where I take my discussions on virtual worlds, technology, gaming, digital art, society, and entertainment.

All of my fandom endeavors have been moved to Dreamwidth and Archive of Our Own, while my roleplaying CDJ can be found at A Wash of Thought.