Esoteric Renaissance

…experiments in thought and art

Let’s start a new thing!

Every Friday, let’s post a snippet, a fragment, a cross-section, some tiny piece of your current favorite WIP. It could be written, drawn, crafted, whatever creative project you’re working on right now that has you excited and wishing the work day were over so you could go home and work on it some more.

Want to tell us a bit of what it is or what inspired you to create it? Go for it! Share time, people.

Feel free to link back to this post, if you take part and leave a comment for me below so I can see your work.

It’s been awhile since I did one of these. Thought I’d see if I could start it back up again.

I’ve got some fic in the WIP stage, but today I thought I’d share some WIP photos of the the trinket box I’m altering for Mum. (Alright, it was supposed to be for Mother’s Day and I didn’t realize how involved the process would be as I’m trying some new techniques and mediums.) I’m hopeful I’ll finish it this weekend.

A while back (maybe 5 or 6 years ago), I’d started working on this box for another project. But, it had gotten horribly messed up and I set it aside. So, for this, I lightly sanded it because I wanted to keep the wood grain, then covered the old paint job with three coats of white gesso and two coats of a mix of DecoArts’ acrylic paint in Antique White and Espresso.

The first image shows the basic layout of embellishments I plan to add to the top. I needed to get the placement so I could work on distressing them while further mediums on the box itself dried.

You can kind of seeing the aging effects applied to the box after that. Some of them. This was followed with a crackle medium that was impossible to see in photos once it dried.

After some further distressing to bring out the crackle effect, you can see the sort of weathered look coming out of the wood. The next photo also shows the first section of texture paste stenciled onto the sides of the box. I’m going to paint over that. But, it didn’t get done last weekend because it took so long for the texture paste to dry. (Yes, I know I could have sped it up a little with a heat tool, but I wanted to gauge normal drying time as this was my first time using the product.)

While all that was drying, however, I was able to alter and distress the embellishments, which you see here all nicely laid out and waiting to be adhered to the finished box.

‘k That’s my WIP for this Fragment Friday.

Your turn!

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