Greetings, weary web traveler and welcome to Esoteric Renaissance, a collection of musings, stories, and images.

Almost thirteen years ago, I started out on a journey of expression with my very first blog on LiveJournal. Not long after that, I bought my own domain: Esoteric Renaissance. It’s been more than a decade of growth for me, much of it chronicled online despite a friend of mine once declaring me the most private person he knows on social media. The media has changed. From LiveJournal and blogging to Tumblr and Twitter and Instagram. The formats have gotten shorter, which brings with it both challenges and rewards.

In reorganizing this site and my online presence in general, I’ve realized that it’s simply too much. It can’t be redone or rearranged without putting in time better spent creating new content.

Still, I don’t want to simply delete it and start from scratch.

And, so, I’ve come to a compromise.

From today forward, I will focus on new content. Old content has been set to private for the most part. As I have time, in between new things, I can continue to organize it and make parts of it public again. But, for now: a fresh slate.

Welcome, friends, to the ‘reboot’ of Esoteric Renaissance.