Fragment Friday – May 15, 2015

Let’s start a new thing! Every Friday, let’s post a snippet, a fragment, a cross-section, some tiny piece of your current favorite WIP. It could be written, drawn, crafted, whatever creative project you’re working on right now that has you excited and wishing the work day were over so you could go home and work on it some more. Want to tell us a bit of what it is or what inspired you to create it? Go for it! Share time, people. Feel free to link back to this post, if you take part and leave a comment for me [ ... ]
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Pre-Avengers Age of Ultron Thoughts and Manicure

Tony Stark: No way we all get through this… Steve Rogers: I got no plans tomorrow night. And MY only plans are to assemble with other Avengers fans to see the latest outing for Marvel’s superhero team on the big screen. I’ve got my nails all done already, as you can see. (More pictures and the usual description after the cut.)

#52WPMC – Star Fairies Manicure

I don’t seem to be having a lot of lucky with this challenge. Seems like for every week I can manage to get the challenge, I miss two. But, I’m still hanging in here anyway because it’s fun and gives me an excuse to do my nails often. This week’s prompt was Kid’s TV. And we all know there’s no way I could skip that one. I took me most of the week to decide on what show to use, though. So, now I am probably about to date myself and I will not be surprised if no one else remembers this. I [ ... ]

NaBloPoMo – Making Dinner Happen

It seems I spoke too soon last week when I said I was thankful I wasn’t any sicker than I was at the time. Literally that same night I got home from work and crashed for two days with the worst cold I’ve had in a long time. Took two days off work and I’m still dealing with exhausting coughing fits. Of course, that’s put me behind on several things as I play catch-up, including my NaBloPoMo posts. I’m going to combine a couple of the prompts for this post as they are along the same theme and I might do [ ... ]
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#52WPMC – Purple Hearts

Only one photo of this week’s challenge manicure. The light in my office was very anti-sparkle the day I took them and I had to do some clean-up on this one just to make it viable. I suppose, if I was going to be a serious nail blogger, I would get together a better photography set-up. But, I’m not that dedicated and it’s unlikely I ever dedicate this blog to one single topic. I have too much to say on too many things. 😉 Anyway, this week’s themes were Hearts and Purple. I’ve opted to do both and combine them into [ ... ]
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Monday Matters – February 02, 2015

Okay, so the first thing to remember when signing up for something like NaBloPoMo? Check when the start date is! LOL If it’s on a day when you know there’s an event that is going to take your entire focus, prewrite a post and schedule it to go up while you’re painting your nails and hanging out on social media to cheer on your team! Yes, I got so wrapped up in Super Bowl that I forgot yesterday was the start of February. (Super Bowl Sunday needs no official date! LOL)

#52WPMC – Candy Fishtail Braid Manicure

So, since I made mention of the prompt for this week’s #52WPMC, let me share that with you. The design challenge for this week is ‘Fishtail’. Basically, it’s a pattern that looks like a fishtail braid painted on your nail. I’ve never done one of these before. But, it turned out to be pretty easy to do. It’s really just a series of alternating diagonal stripes down the length of the nail. I call this the Candy Fishtail because the colors I used come across as rather candy-colored, especially with the holos.

Monday Matters – October 13, 2014

Been a while since I’ve done one of these. Been a while since I wrote regularly, too. lol Still working on finding the time to do that again. Need to get more organized about things in general, I think. Or get some rest! heh. Haven’t had a real break from things since…December? Anyway, starting the week on a positive note…

#52WPMC – 3-Color Gradient

Anyway, the way the challenge works is each week there’s a pattern prompt and a color prompt and you can choose to do one or both or put them together. I’m likely to only get to one manicure a week, per usual. But, I wanted to try something that would make me stretch my skills a bit, since I’m still learning some of the more advanced tricks. This week’s pattern challenge was a three-color gradient. And, since I had a handful of fall colors just sitting around waiting to be tried, it was a good time to go with a fall [ ... ]

WWII Fighter Pilots Speak at Planes of Fame Museum – Part Two

Continuing my report from the June symposium at the Planes of Fame Museum featuring six veteran fighter pilots who had flown the P-47 Thunderbolt during the World War II: five who fought in the European Theatre and one who was in the Pacific Theatre. The stories of all the men were entertaining, educational, and enlightening. After listening to these men speak, it became clearer why theirs is known as the greatest generation.