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Fragment Friday – May 15, 2015

Fragment FridayIt’s been awhile since I did one of these. Thought I’d see if I could start it back up again.

Let’s start a new thing! Every Friday, let’s post a snippet, a fragment, a cross-section, some tiny piece of your current favorite WIP. It could be written, drawn, crafted, whatever creative project you’re working on right now that has you excited and wishing the work day were over so you could go home and work on it some more. Want to tell us a bit of what it is or what inspired you to create it? Go for it! Share time, people. Feel free to link back to this post, if you take part and leave a comment for me below so I can see your work. (For those of you viewing this on DW/LJ/IJ/etc. comments have been turned off on the crossposts so that everyone can see everyone else’s work, too.)

I’ve got some fic in the WIP stage, but today I thought I’d share some WIP photos of the the trinket box I’m altering for Mum. (Alright, it was supposed to be for Mother’s Day and I didn’t realize how involved the process would be as I’m trying some new techniques and mediums.) I’m hopeful I’ll finish it this weekend. peek


A while back (maybe 5 or 6 years ago), I’d started working on this box for another project. But, it had gotten horribly messed up and I set it aside. So, for this, I lightly sanded it because I wanted to keep the wood grain, then covered the old paint job with three coats of white gesso and two coats of a mix of DecoArts’ acrylic paint in Antique White and Espresso. The image above shows the basic layout of embellishments I plan to add to the top. I needed to get the placement so I could work on distressing them while further mediums on the box itself dried.

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When Gods Fall – Avengers Age of Ultron Review and Thoughts on Joss Whedon

“If you die…walk it off.” — Steve Rogers


Overall Rating: 3 out of 5 stars



Perhaps the most memorable line from Avengers: Age of Ultron, I have to wonder if this is what the franchise will have to do, in some ways, after the release of this blockbuster movie.

This post has taken a long time for me to get written. A lot of processing and distancing has been needed in order to keep this as objective as possible. That’s a difficult thing for a fan to do, really. You want to love everything in your fandom. And when something comes along that you hate, it’s just as emotional as the geeking out when you love it. So, to set all that aside and look at it from a more balanced perspective is hard.

No, I didn’t hate this movie. But, I also didn’t love it as much as I really wanted to love it.

The saddest thing about it is that a large part of my distaste for parts of this movie has absolutely nothing to do with the movie itself and everything to do with the meta and comments that Whedon, it’s writer and director, has made during the last two or three weeks leading up to this film. Airing dirty laundry unnecessarily is never something of which I approve. But, Whedon has gone beyond that to the point where he’s taken away some of the audience’s ability to view his movie with fresh, unbiased eyes. I understand how difficult it is to have to promote a piece of your own work that’s disappointed you. No one who writes or creates anything for anyone else can say they haven’t been there. I know I have, several times, in my own job. But, to air his grievances during the press tour before the audience has a chance to make up their own minds about the work is not the way to make those grievances known.

All of that being said, there were things I enjoyed about the movie and you can read on below the cut for my full review. Warning, I get very wordy and long about things. But, I try not to rant.

And, of course, please be aware that beyond this point “Here be Spoilers”.
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Pre-Avengers Age of Ultron Thoughts and Manicure

Tony Stark: No way we all get through this…

Steve Rogers: I got no plans tomorrow night.

Age of Ultron Manicure

My Age of Ultron Manicure

And MY only plans are to assemble with other Avengers fans to see the latest outing for Marvel’s superhero team on the big screen. I’ve got my nails all done already, as you can see. (More pictures and the usual description after the cut.)

It’s going to be a slightly different experience for me. In a small quirk of fate, I was lucky enough to be among those in the very first test audience to see the movie months ago. (And, believe me, sitting on that tidbit has not been the easiest thing, especially when I’m so involved in fandom. Pretty sure my tongue has been slowly cut-off after all the times I’ve had to bite it while reading blogs/fic/tumblr theories to keep from saying something that wasn’t given away in a trailer or interview.)

It will be interesting to see what’s changed. Reportedly a good 45 minutes were cut from the version I saw. (What I saw back in the fall was a very rough first cut. The effects weren’t even complete for most scenes. There was definitely still a lot of editing needed, which is good and normal for that point in the process.)

So, contemplating what nail art to do for the Avengers Double Feature tomorrow was a much greater undertaking than what was necessary for my Captains America manicure from last year’s Captain America Double Feature. Last year it was clear the story focused on Captain America and the Winter Soldier. Two people, two hands, no problem. Even if I took the title characters from this movie for inspiration, I’d have Ultron and The Avengers. There are six Avengers.

Six Avengers doesn’t divide across ten fingers easily. I could do one nail for each Avenger, but then I have four nails left. Adding the Avengers logo to one nail on each hand only took care of half the problem. I thought about adding new characters to the mix. But, after I started listing them, I had more than ten characters. Also, not all of these characters have recognizable symbols which meant having to come up with a design that looked like it was inspired by that character as well.

In the end, I settled on showcasing the three newest additions to the Avengers: Scarlet Witch (thumbs and pinkie fingers), Quicksilver (pointer and ring fingers), and Vision (middle fingers).

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#52WPMC – Star Fairies Manicure

Purple and sparkles!

I don’t seem to be having a lot of lucky with this challenge. Seems like for every week I can manage to get the challenge, I miss two. But, I’m still hanging in here anyway because it’s fun and gives me an excuse to do my nails often.

This week’s prompt was Kid’s TV. And we all know there’s no way I could skip that one. I took me most of the week to decide on what show to use, though.

So, now I am probably about to date myself and I will not be surprised if no one else remembers this.

I settled on an homage to Star Fairies.

Go ahead. Click on the link to figure out what the heck I’m talking about. I’ll wait.

Done? Okay.

For those of you who didn’t click the link, Star Fairies was a made for TV special based around a series of adorable little dolls. It was the mid-80s. Almost all our kids’ programming was based around a toy! tease

There were six fairies: Princess Sparkle, Whisper, Jazz, Spice, Nightsong and True Love. They lived in a castle in the sky and granted the wishes of all little children who wished upon the wishing star each night, each fairy having a different specialty. The trolls were lazy and loutish and out to get a fairy’s magic wand in order to serve themselves and that’s where all the trouble originated, of course. (A mountain of pistachio ice cream? Really?) It was up to a little girl named Hillary to help the fairies get the wand back after the Trolls stole it or else no little child would ever have their wish granted again.

It was short and sweet and absolutely adorable. The dolls themselves were the cutest little things with sweetest faces ever to grace a doll. I had almost all of them, including the castle and the winged unicorn-drawn carriage. (Actually, I still do. No one is ever getting me to get rid of those!)

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Tuesday Tunes – March 10, 2015

My first glimpse of the spirit haunting Birchwood House. I spend an awful lot of time listening to music and streaming YouTube videos in the background while I’m working at the office. Sometimes they’re old favorites, sometimes they’re new-to-me artists, sometimes they’re fanvids for my various fandoms/ships. But, there’s only so many I can share on social media before it annoys people.

So, I’m thinking I might start sharing a few videos a week here on the blog in order to offset some of that.


This week’s picks are given after the cut in no particular order.

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